Church Family, 

Grace and peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Spirit that resides in each of us imparts to us wisdom, healing, and peace. As we live as lights in the world, let’s rely on God and praise Him because He is with us! 

Here is an update on our activities: 

Worship will continue as scheduled, and instead of Sunday School, children are invited into the Sanctuary for worship. During worship, we are taking the following precautions: 

•    we are doing additional cleaning, 
•    we are putting out extra chairs so you can space yourselves out; 
•    we are propping the inside doors open to minimize touching doorknobs or handles; 
•    we will be passing the peace with a wave from your seat (no hugging, kissing, handshaking please); 
•    the offering plates will not be passed from person to person; 
•    plus, if you choose to stay home, we will be live-streaming (check the website for more information). 

If you stay home, you can participate in worship via live-stream; engage in prayer through our prayer webpage, and support the church through online giving. Not only do we grow through our spiritual disciplines, but we help make our community and the world a better place. 

All of our Children and Youth ministries have been suspended, including Sunday School, Youth Group, JAM, and Sunbeam

For any other adult ministries, please contact the ministry leader to find out what they are doing. 

Continue to use the recommended precautions every day. If you are coughing, feverish, or just not feeling well, seek medical attention, prayer support, and stay home. If you have any needs and aren’t able to get out, please let someone from the church family know. We are each a light in the world! 

Prayers and peace, 

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