Operation Christmas Child

Shoebox Packing Party

Each year we hold a packing party to fill dozens, or even hundreds of shoeboxes full of items and letters. It’s a blast to see the box total increase and pack boxes with your friends and family!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year we ask that you sign up for a 45 minute time slot to pack boxes in. Each 45 minute slot is limited to 10 people packing at a time. Masks are required and gloves will be used when picking through items to put in the boxes.

If you would like a private time slot for just your family/group, please contact us so that we can arrange a separate time.

What happens at a Packing Party?

Essentially you’re going shopping! We give you an empty shoebox, then you go around and fill that box with items that are laid out on tables. There’s a wide range of stuff to choose from, such as toothbrushes, washcloths, and hygiene items to Legos, stuffed animals, crayons, and more!

Once you are done packing the box with items, you have the chance to add a personalized note to the box. Then the box is placed with the rest of the completed boxes and you can grab another box and go again!

Is there any way I can help out with the packing party?

As always, we need items to pack in the shoeboxes! You can find a list of items that we need here: https://jackson.church/operation-christmas-child/shoebox-items/ You can drop these items off during worship on Sundays or drop them off at the church office during the week. Please call ahead though to make sure that someone is there to receive the items. Items cannot be dropped off with Sunbeam Preschool staff, they must be dropped off at the church office.