So… getting ready for Thanksgiving? Hosting or visiting? Cooking or Consuming? Turkey or Tofu?

Denise and I have been preparing. This year we are hosting. We have been talking about the menu, shopping, activities, table clothes and cleaning. There is so much to prepare for and much thought behind it. We hope that our guests are able to enjoy each other and the food, conversations, and moments this Thanksgiving!

Whether you are hosting or traveling, why not add prayer to your Thanksgiving prep. Just like taking time as you plan menus, guest list, travel, etc. for this holiday, take some time each day to pray. Take some time and

  • be specific,
  • be hope-filled,
  • be humble.

Incorporate 10, 20, 30 minutes into your pre-Thanksgiving routine to listen, praise, intercede, confess, and give thanks!

Here are some ideas for prayer over the next couple of days. You might consider praying for:

  • your guests who are far from God and that this Thanksgiving they might have an encounter with God that helps them get closer
  • traveling family members. Travel (especially for seniors and families with children) can be difficult, so pray that God is protecting, bringing peace, helping with patience, and that their paths are straight and filled with blessings
  • individual family members and guests that you have a difficult time with. Include in your prayers, the history recognizing your role in the relationship. Pray specifically how you would like to see the relationship develop in the future
  • your spouse, so that s/he sense God’s peace and presence. Recognize that your spouse might have some struggles with some relationships as well. Pray for wisdom, courage, sensitivity.
  • for God to give you words of loving, gracious, supportive encouragement to all family members, especially your spouse and children.
  • your parents and/or children. Again, be specific and recognize that they have their own individual needs. Pray that you are able to see the needs (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) and ask God to help you be the hands and feet of Jesus as you meet their needs.
  • YOU. How are your relationships with those you might be seeing? Be specific, ask for healing, blessings, forgiveness, courage, etc.
  • the ability to listen
  • times to breathe
  • simple things – low stress, good food, no kitchen (or territory) fights, apple pie not cherry…
  • the courage to pray in the moment on Thanksgiving Day. Celebrate and worship God in the great moments and difficult ones – ask God in those difficult moments for the courage and focus to pray through any uncomfortable moments knowing that God is always present. Romans 8:28.
  • the ability to see God at work in all of your preparation and journeys; to know the blessings and praise God for the specifics.
  • a blessed and loving endings to the day

Whatever prayers you feel need to be lifted up this Thanksgiving, take some quality time with God and prepare! Happy Thanksgiving preparation and Day!