The Reading Group is based on the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp.

There are three options for this Reading Group. Option 1: Come to the group listed below on Wednesdays at 2pm. If Wednesdays at 2 don’t work for you – Option 2: Invite a friend or some friends over to study with you in your own small group at your house with a schedule that works for you. If you’ve never invited people over for a group discussion or done a group like this watch the how-to videos online (from All the information and discussion material will be online and easy to use. Option 3: Read along on your own and utilize the online material for self-edification and spiritual growth.

Please read chapters prior to meeting. In person meeting at 2:00 PM, location at the Parsonage, if inclement weather at the church. If you’d like directions, please call the church office or email the pastor.

May 5: Chapters 1 & 2 – Discussion, Reflection, and Journaling Guide for Week 1
May 12: Chapters 3 & 4
May 19: Chapters 5 & 6
May 26: Chapters 7 & 8
June 2: Chapters 9 & 10
June 9: Chapters 11 & Afterward