We are currently looking to schedule volunteer day teams of 5 or more people from Jackson UMC on February 15,17, March 22, and April 26.

The work your team will be doing will be on a home in the recovery phase. This work may include: some demolition, flooring, installing dry wall, installing cabinets, painting, laying down carpet, and trim work. We ask that our teams bring any personal hand tools they have. The list below are tools/items that are also helpful to bring if you have them:

Hammers                              Pliers                        Screw drivers
Cordless drills                      Extension cords        Crow bars
Measuring tapes                  Utility knives              Rasps
Paint rollers                         Trash bags                Levels
Squares                               Sand paper               Chop saws
Sheet rock saws                   Jigsaws                     Scrapers
Paint brushes                       Putty knives              Safety goggles
Cotton rags                          Face masks              Step stools

Please take a moment to visit the website: www.afuturewithhope.org. If you click on the “volunteer” tab, there is more information regarding sending a team of volunteers to serve with A Future With Hope.

The following is a link to access forms we require for each volunteer on your team: http://njvolunteer.server322.com.  If we can receive this paperwork at the church office, it is very helpful. You can also email the completed form to [email protected].

We ask that all team members watch the following video prior to their day of service. This reviews important safety procedures for your work day:


Please review the following information, if there is anyone under 18 years serving on your team:

We will accept youth teams (under age 18) on a case by case basis.  Acceptance of youth teams depends on the ages of the team members, the adult/youth ratio, and the nature of the work available on the dates requested.  We strongly recommend that youth be no younger than 16, however youth ages 14 and 15 can be part of your team with special permission.  We recommend a 1 adult to 5 youth ratio (gender appropriate) for ages 16 and over and require a 1 to 3 ratio for youth ages 14 and 15.  In accordance with the UMC safe sanctuary policy, all adults accompanying youth must have verified backgrounds checks prior to arrival. Adults with a youth team should also have some construction knowledge.

  • Please note youth medical/release forms must be notarized.
  • All adults accompanying youth must have verified backgrounds checks prior to arrival.
  • No one under 14 is permitted on work sites.

There is a suggested donation for one day teams of $25.00/person. This helps to cover the costs of construction materials, as well as accidental insurance provided. This is a suggested donation only. Team members can feel free to give as they are able.

Many thanks again, for your support and service! We are grateful!