Stewardship Campaign 2022 Letter

Friends and Family,

2021 has been an exciting and eventful year for Jackson Church. Our goals included safely restoring all of our ministries, as well as building an online presence. In a few weeks, we will release our end-of-the-year report on our ministries. As we are pulling together reports and pictures, I am so encouraged because of the powerful witness of Jesus Christ we provide to Jackson and beyond.

As a supporter of Jackson Church, you can be proud of the message of love we share with the world through ministries like Christian Friends Forever, Sunbeam Christian Preschool, Anchors Away, TNT Youth Group, Jackson Arts Ministry (JAM), just to name a few. We have also fed, clothed, cared for, grieved with, and helped sustain many in our community and around the state during these difficult times of loss and scarcity.

Thank you for your prayers, time, contributions, and sacrifices! Together we are loving indiscriminately, learning and teaching about God’s love through Jesus Christ, and living out our faith!

In addition to your financial support, over the past two years, our church has been blessed to receive financial support through the federal PPP program and the Annual Conference to help us. The money we received helped fuel our ministry by covering expenses like our mortgage, utility expenses, and salaries.

One of our goals for 2022 is to get our church back to financial independence. With this goal in mind, the Stewardship and Finance Committee is asking you to make a commitment for 2022 by praying, pledging financially, and serving in a mission or a program area.

Your willingness to pray regularly, pledge financially, and serve in mission and ministry for 2022 will empower our church as we draw close to God and rely on His strength to accomplish the goals for the coming year. With your participation and commitment, our ministries, like CFF, Food Pantry, Sunday School, VBS, worship, just to name a few, are making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Every day lives are being transformed. People are experiencing freedom, forgiveness, healing, and wholeness as they, through faith, give their lives to Jesus Christ. Take some time for prayerful consideration and then indicate your commitment for the coming year to God through Jackson Church.

2022 will be a critical year in the life of our church. Your prayers, service, and financial support for the church will create an enduring blessing for you, your family, our community, and around the world.

May God bless us!

I have provided a link for you to fill out a Stewardship Campaign Commitment Form. It is important to fill this out so we can be in prayer together; meet the financial needs and expenses; and help through serving. Stewardship Campaign 2022 form.

How the information is used:

When you commit to pray for our church, your name and email will be forwarded to our pastor and prayer team so that you will receive any prayer requests. When an emergency prayer request comes in, you will receive a text or email with the request. Also, depending on how often you will be in prayer, the pastor will send out periodic prayer requests for our children, families, church leaders, community leaders, etc.

When you pledge financially, this information is confidential and used for budget planning. You will receive a quarterly statement from the church. Your pledge is not a binding agreement, but instead a spiritual exercise between you and God.

When you would designate that you would like to start serving in a new ministry, mission, or committee, your name, and contact information will be given to the contact person so they can reach out to you with more information and help you get involved.