Thanksgiving Baskets

We have members and friends of our church who need a little help to have a nice dinner at Thanksgiving.   We have four families in need.  We have a sign-up sheet with a list of items needed in the church and here below.  If you can provide one or more of these items to fill the basket with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, please bring them to the church.  If you know of someone else in need, please request assistance through the church office or call Eileen 732-905-2893.  All items will be due on or before Nov. 13, 2022.

Items needed are: Stuffing, Sweet potatoes, Mashed potatoes, Tukey gravy, Canned corn, canned green beans, Mac and cheese, Cranbury sauce, and pancake mix, Syrup, Cake mix, Frosting.  $20 gift cards for the Turkeys.